Here's a few things you should know...

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Here's a few things you should know... Empty Here's a few things you should know...

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:25 am

Thank you for your interest in joining Red Eagles! We are constantly looking for new members that can enhance the guild. But before you just jump in, there are a few things you should know.

RULES: Yeah, I know... Rules are like vacuum cleaners. Some suck more than others, but they are necessary to keep things neat and tidy.

1.) ACTIVITY is a must. We don't really care what you do, so long as you do something! Logging in and leaving, even if it's done hourly, is NOT activity. Hunt, PvP, farm, hunt Titans, hunt Super Elites, catch up on quests, dabble in the Market Place, buy/sell in the Auction House... whatever you want to do is fine, but please understand the more you invest in your character, the more you invest in the guild.

2.) DEPOSITS - Let's be clear on this. You are NOT REQUIRED to make deposits! That being said, being a member of any guild has benefits. At RE we have many maxed-out structures that require a lot of gold for their upkeep. Thankfully we have enough higher-level members hunting on a regular basis that enables us to not make deposits mandatory for everyone. However, sometimes that's not enough. Every member's stats and enhancements are increased by these structures. It will be greatly appreciated if you make deposits to the guild.

3.) GUILD GEAR - There are literally hundreds of pieces of gear that are tagged and available for use. You'll notice they are mainly for hunting - high in damage, but not so great for armor or defense. You are REQUIRED to have your own off-line gear. You may recall guild gear to use for hunting purposes, but when the hunt is over, be sure to send the gear back to the player(s) you recalled the gear from! At no time should you ever recall gear that is in use! If a member has guild gear that you want to use equipped, you should ask that member if you can use it. If they aren't online, then ask HitcHorus, KingHomer, CreamSoda, or any other of the higher-level members available to recall it for you.

4.) GUILD STORE - This one is easy. The guild store is for guild use! Do not use it as your own personal backpack. You may temporarily store items there, but they should be removed ASAP. If you use a group to attack a creature and it gives a drop, that drop will be in the guild store. Be sure to take it out as soon as you can - it's yours. If there is an untagged item(s) in the guild store that you didn't put there, then don't take it upon yourself to remove it. Whoever put it there will get it out, themselves.

5.) BUFFS - Buffs are nice, aren't they? They can really give you a real boost in the game! We have quite a few members that are more than happy to buff you, but make sure you are polite and courteous when asking for them. The most coveted thing in this game is Stam(ina). Stam is what's used to buff. So just remember when you ask for buffs, you're asking people to give away their most precious game asset. Don't ask for ALL BUFFS unless you're willing to pay for them! And simply put, there are buffs you may not need. Everyone wants the highest buff level (175), but if you can buff yourself first, that will save others their stam. There's not really that much difference between levels 165, 170, and 175 when it comes to buffs. And keep in mind, potions are great alternatives! Most of them are pretty cheap and can give you higher bonuses than some buffs!

6.) GUILD CHAT is a great way to communicate, build relationships and gain a real sense of family and belonging. We strongly encourage you to "chat it up!" The main thing is don't flame anyone or use offensive language. Some members are young, and some of the older members have children that like to sit beside mom/dad and watch. Be courteous and respect everyone in chat.

7.) GUILD DONATIONS - Always appreciated! If you want to donate FSP to the guild, don't deposit it directly. FSP deposited into the guild coffers can only be used for guild upgrades and initiating conflicts. We already have all the upgrades and there's still plenty there for conflicts. Instead, send the FSP to HitcHorus, KingHomer, or another elder. A mass announcement will be made in-game of the donation along with full accounting of it here in the Forum. Gear donated becomes guild property. It may be put into use or sold, depending on the needs of the guild at that time.

8.) ALLIANCES - We have alliances with certain other guilds that are mentioned elsewhere on the site. Be sure to take note of them! Do not PvP members of these guilds or initiate conflicts with them!

Okay, enough rules for now! If anything else is important, it can be addressed at another time. Are you still interested? You should have a minimum of 2,000 Max Stam, your own offline set, and enough manners to not beg for gear, gold, or FSP.

It's all just common sense stuff, really. Simply treat others the same way you want to be treated! That may sound like the "Golden Rule," but they stole that from us!

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